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 By Victor Afamefune.

  The spate of tanker explosions and deaths has exacerbated overly in recent times , the alarming rate calls to question the role of government in safe guarding lives and properties .Research has shown that most of this explosions and tanker accidents are caused by a myriad of avoidable factors which may include, bad roads, unethical conducts of tanker drivers,unqualified drivers,the condition and state of these tankers .
This seem unending ,which leaves room for worry among members of  the public who come in close contact and proximity to this “killers” on a daily basis .Similarly ,the continued dislodge of petroleum products on the roads most times finds its way to our gutters and drainage also portends an environmental risk and hazard which should be perceived as a future calamity waiting to happen if not quickly and systematically curtailed .
The federal government needs to take adequate steps to forestall the incessant occurrences which has continued to plague both the road users ,businesses and home owners.The continued calamitous trend is worrisome especially when the havoc the wreak is put into considerable consideration ,the irreparable and irreplaceable loss of human lives coupled with the numerous number of injured who may remain deformed for life and also the countless number of men and women who have lost their means of survival and livelihood is a great reason why government should and as a matter of urgency take proactive steps to curtail the spate of tankers going under and causing untold and unwarranted hardship.

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The recent incidents in Ontisha ,Anambra state on October 16 reportedly razed 40 houses and 500 shops which was worsened by numerous deaths.
Similarly, in the same vein ,the Upper Iweka Ontisha incident on the 18 also occurred which destroyed various properties ranging from buildings and vehicles and also other valuable assets of the people affected .We can not also forget the June 27 2018 incident ,the catastrophic petrol tanker explosion on the Otedola bridge along Lagos -Ibadan expressway which claimed about 12 lives and razed about 50 cars in the ensuing inferno .
September 10 2018 witnessed another ghastly gas tanker explosion at a petrol station in Makurdi road in Nasarrawa state which claimed 35 lives and over 100 people were reportedly seriously injured and burnt in the inferno. 
In today’s Nigeria it is perhaps impossible to eliminate the use of tankers to convey petrol and gas products but the reoccurring tanker fails is clearly an indication that the government needs to as a matter of national security and safety fashion out a new framework for the future to eradicate and  to reduce deaths and damage to property of private individuals.Another observation is the urgent need for the victims and their familes  to be adequately compensated for their loss  .Petrol and gas tankers cause a myriad of problems on Nigerian roads it is therefore expedient for the relevant stakeholders to create a long lasting and perhaps permanent solution to the persistent mishaps .One of the underlying and pivotal problem for this occurrences are the bad state of the roads which this tankers ply , fixing these raids would be a palliative measure only .Perhaps one of the greatest problem is government’s political will to fix this issue with policies that will safe guard the lives and properties of the populace ..we watch with bated breath to see government’s next line of action ,the victims have been consoled and government officials have also paid condolences visits to those affected we therefore wait to see which is more important “our lives as citizens or transporting this popular resource “.

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