Kanye West gifts former manager Lamborghini worth $300k as birthday gift

 Kanye West o Wednesday surprised his former manager, John Monopoly Lamborghini Urus as a birthday gift.

According to TMZ, the Lamborghini is worth $300k which is approximately 108 million naira (at 360 per dollar).

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Kanye surely knows how to shower the people e love with the luxury gift and you can say he does know how to say thank you John Monopoly his former, who first discovered the rapper years ago. To pay him back, he bought the man a birthday present to end all birthday presents.


In an Instagram picture posted to Monopoly’s account on Thursday, Monopoly shared a photo of the pair sitting in front of a custom Lamborghini Urus SUV. He captioned the post, “Happy BDAY to me !!!! Words cannot express my gratitude …. I’m at a complete loss.”

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John Monopoly managed West for over his first three albums, you can say the luxury car is a small fraction of what John has help West to achieved compare to West net worth.

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In a chat with TMZ Monopoly sad the gift is from a “very good guy” whom he went 30 years back with and he also stated that he never saw it coming so it was a real surprise after all.

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