“Is it the herdsmen that make the laws of the land?” Activist Sunday Igboho dares Gov. Makinde of Oyo State.


It is no news that Activist Sunday Igboho gave herdsmen in Oyo State a 7 days quit notice to vacate Oyo state after he accused them of Kidnapping and destroying the states indigenes farms, the ultimatum ended yesterday Friday, January 22 and Sunday Igboho was seen in a viral video has he visited Igangan in Ibarapa East local government to keep to his words.

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However, it appears Governor Seyi Makinde is not in full support of Sunday Igboho actions in the state. Makinde counters the Sunday’s 7 days ultimatum said nobody has the right to evict anybody from any part of the state (read the full statement below).
Sunday Igboho defied Gov. Makinde’s order on Friday, January 22 which is the eviction day, he visited Igangan, and where he addresses the crowd he accused the Governor of backing the herdsmen. He did say that Governor Makinde relied on him to win votes during the election in 2019. 
It should be noted that Sunday Igboho was received in Igangan yesterday with excitement by Igangan residents and youth who sang and danced before heading to Igangan town Hall where he addressed them. 
Below are his statements

“They have gone. We have sent them out of our land and they cannot come back again.

“Kidnappers cannot rule over us, they can’t take over our land from us. It belongs to us. They should stop threatening.

“Those who live with us peacefully, we are not fighting them. But how will a visitor claim one’s house from him?

“If you live with us in peace, we have no problem with you. But if you decide to kidnap and kill us, we don’t want you here.

“I assure Yoruba people, particularly those in Oyo State, that there is no danger.

“This one we have started here in Oyo State will not end here. We are going to other parts of the South-West. Tell herdsmen in Ekiti State, Ondo State and Osun states; in fact, in all South-West states, that they should get ready for us because we are coming.”

 “You can bring all Fulanis to Yorubaland if you like, you unfortunate ones. It will not be well with you.

“You are threatening me in my fatherland with Fulanis. You will not prosper.

“Is it the Fulani’s that make the laws of the land? Have you forgotten when you were ‘bankrolling’ me when you wanted to become Governor and all I did for you all during the elections, and now you dare threaten me?

“Well, I don’t believe that you are serious with your threats yet until you bring all the soldiers and policemen to arrest me in my house before I know you are serious. You are all fools.”

Governor Seyi Makinde who see Sunday Igboho aim to evict the Fulanis from the state as a stire of tribe war, on Friday, January 22 received a newly appointed police commissioner, Ngozi Onadeko
in his office in Oyo state.

According to The Tribune, The governor asked her to arrest and treat like common criminals those fueling ethnic tension and fanning the embers of crisis in the state.

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He said: 

“We believe Oyo State should be home to you and should make you and the team as comfortable as possible.

“We don’t want this to be a hardship posting for you. So, your welfare and that of your officers and men are paramount to us and of very high importance.

“You and your team are all coming in at a very challenging time. This is a period where false information is almost at its highest; ethnic tension almost at its highest as well.

“So, I will say you have your job cut out for you. We won’t make the job difficult. We will be sincere, open and support you.
“I am sure that since you came in, you must have heard about some things happening at Ibarapa axis of the state. I will still say it here that we are not after Hausa-Fulani; we are after criminals.
“We are after hoodlums and bandits irrespective of their tribe, religion or creed. Those are the people we are after.

“If you look into the record, when we had the armed robbery incident at Kajola, Okeho precisely, some people were killed, some were arrested and we found out that they were Ebira from Kogi State. So, we want to go after the criminals, whether they are Yoruba, Hausa or whoever they are.

“For people stoking ethnic tension, they are criminals and once you get them, they should be arrested and treated like common criminals.

“For this administration, the major pillar for us is security, because we know that all the good things we want to do economically won’t be possible in an atmosphere of chaos and insecurity. “So, when people say things that are not lawful and within the spirit of Nigeria’s constitution, it is not acceptable here. And they cannot hide under being people protecting Yoruba interest to perpetuate chaos in the state.

“If you look at our environment, why we had the EndSARS was because people got bottled up. There has been very limited access to opportunities, and when that happens, the young ones will discount the future.

“They don’t think about tomorrow but how to survive today first, and we have to address that by expanding our economy and opportunities for them. If we have to do that, we have to do it in a safe and secure environment.

“Amotekun here in Oyo State is working with us towards the same objective. We need intelligence to know about criminals before they even strike. It is one of the major reasons why we set up Amotekun; to be able to gather intelligence in all the wards in Oyo State.

“The same people that demonized Amotekun are the ones now telling us that a certain ethnic nationality should leave this place.

So, we will ensure that all the agencies are working together. I will encourage interaction with all other agencies, and once we have that synergy, we will ensure that the objective of the people going about their businesses with no fear of being molested will be attained.

“Two days ago, I was surprised to see SRS when I got to Challenge. We decided to take the Iwo Road Express and under the bridge around Old Ife Road, at 1 am, I also saw SRS. So, that is a major shift since you came in. I want to thank you for that and the officers and men who are supporting you.”

“I am sure none of you is from Oyo State but you are putting your life on the line for the people of Oyo State. The only thing we can do is to appreciate and support you, and that is exactly what we will do irrespective of what people with limited ability are doing.

“So, please do your work and rely on the government and the people of Oyo State. We will give you maximum cooperation and support.”

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