John Hagee Daily Devotional 3rd January 2024 – 1 John 2:8

John Hagee Daily Devotional – 1 John 2:8

The reference of John Hagee Daily Devotion for 3rd January 2024 is ”1 John 2:8”


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Again, a new commandment I write to you, which thing is true in Him and in you, because the darkness is passing away, and the true light is already shining.


Does nothing look different as you awaken to this new day at the beginning of a new year? The battles of last year left you exhausted and longing for a fresh start and a brighter future.

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Take heart! He has not abandoned you to disappointment. The fight you face may look like the same old battle, but it is not.

Because God has changed you! Because you have endured hardship like a good soldier, you are stronger. In the darkest nights and the fiercest battles, God has revealed Himself to you in powerful ways, and you will never be the same. You have learned to don the whole armor of God and wage war in heavenly places.

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It might look like the familiar fight, but you are a different fighter. It may look like one more chapter in a long war, but you are a different warrior. It might require one more lap, but you are not losing ground. You are laying claim to enemy territory.

Every hard-won step brings you that much closer to a victory that is certain. The darkness is passing away, and a true light is already shining. You are well able to overcome!

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May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you and give you His peace. You are the property of heaven, and God is your Defender. May He bring down your enemies by the power of His might. Shout victoriously to the Captain of Angel Armies!

Today’s Bible Reading:
Old Testament
Genesis 5:1-7:24

New Testament
Matthew 3:7-4:11

Psalms & Proverbs
Psalm 3:1-8

Proverbs 1:10-19


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