Billy Graham Devotional 23rd November 2023 – The Abundant Life.


TOPIC: The Abundant Life

Scripture: Romans 14:6

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He that eateth, eateth to the Lord; for he giveth God thanks . . .


Do you think that God would have bothered to send His Son to the world, if man had been able to face life and eternity alone? Christ’s coming to the world proved that God was not happy with man’s unhappiness. He sent Him not only that we might have eternal life but that we might have life here and now, and that we might have it more abundantly—Life with a capital L!

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Jesus’ teaching was unique and different. He took religion out of the theoretical category and placed it in the practical. He spoke with authority! He spoke with finality! He spoke as though He knew … and He did! His was not the soft empty conjecture of the philosopher, who professes to search for truth-but readily admits he has never found it. It was more the confident voice of the mathematician who gives his answers unhesitatingly, because the proof of the answers can be found within the problem.

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Prayer for the day

Lord God, I know that I am completely dependent upon You. Thank You for daily providing all that my body needs.


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