Exclusive With SholaWest, Face Of West African Fashion Award 2016.

Hello lovers of The Celeb’s Show, we apologize for the break your boy was out on a trip, you know bloggers don’t live by sitting behind computer alone ???????? if you know what I mean. Anyway, I am back and this is my return gift to you. An Exclusive Interview With  SholaWest, Face Of West African Fashion Award 2016. And I remain your humble and handsome host RainSegzy of Lasgidi, welcome to the show.
Hello SholaWest finally, you are here after a long chase. Lol! It’s good to have you here.
Can we meet the real man who turned SholaWest?
My name is Olushola Badejoko Augustine popularly known as Sholawest.
I’m a Model.
Tell us about yourself.
I am a Nigerian, am from the western part of Nigeria, Ogun state precisely. I speak English, Yoruba and basic French.
Am a Model and also an Entrepreneur.
What number are you in the family of “how many”?
I am the  firstborn in the family of seven, parent inclusive. 
What was it like growing up? 
Talking about my growing up as a kid down to this stage well, it’s been God all the way.
But I must say that I wasn’t born with a silver spoon but along the line my parent started achieving greatness and that brought transformation into our lives as a family.
Talking of education, which schools did you attend?
I attended four different Nusery/primary Schools the last which is Babs International School. Then I proceeded to Ikeja junior/senior Secondary School 2008/2009 after which I bagged National Diploma in Computer Science from Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic in Ijebu Igbo, Ogun State, Nigeria.
What was that special moment you experienced in school that you can never forget? 
That should be when I was in primary school, when my teacher scolded the whole boys in the class, because we disturbed the school. One of the female pupils reported to our class teacher and because of that, the rest of the boys decided to punish the girl for being a snitch, which I disagreed and then I have to fight for the girl, real fight I meant. (Smile!) 
So funny that some times when I remember, I just felt like, was it because I watch a lot of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Van Damme and Sylvester Stallone films, I did that..
Host: Out of many careers out there, why did you chose modeling? 
Wow! Good question, but let me say that I don’t just love or chose modelling but I love Entertainment as a whole, but Modelling came outstanding, among other professions in the entertainment industry that i love and good at. Sincerely, i am enjoying it.
How did your parents response when you told them your career of choice?
Well I remember when I used to dance my mom never supported me because she doesn’t like it but the moment i switched to Modelling she supported me while my Dad has always been there to encourage my ambition.
Host: Can we talk about modeling industry challenges in your country? 
Modelling in Nigeria is just 50% of what we see outside the country.
i). As a Fashion Model, January – May is always a break for us, we don’t get jobs. We only survive with the little earnings we got at the end of the previous year except for those that have other things doing aside Modelling.
ii). Sending BC for audition is not professional. Why do we have agencies, it is for client to contact an agent and pick models he/she wanted.
iii). Organisers treat models like we are not important forgetting the fact that without God and Models their shows cannot be successful.
iv). More so organisers pay Models token.
Host: In your opinion what are the difficulties of being a model. 
Well, the only difficulty is M.k.M (Man. Know. Man) is too much in the industry. Most times that frustrate the efforts of people who are good but doesn’t know anybody at top or should I say among the organisers of fashion event.
Host: Which Supermodel do you look up to as a role model?
In Nigeria Bolu Olaitan, while Abroad: Rob Evans and  Jon kortajarena
Nigerian international Model, Bolu Olaitan (Zeus), Boxer and Trainer/Model, Rob Evans and Spanish Supermodel, Jon Kortajarena.
Host: What things would you not like to do? 
I will not be control by inferiority complex.
Host:  If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
L.A (Los Angeles), Paris & Rome
Host: Most guys want to look like you, what do you do to keep fit?
I believe health is wealth. I do my daily exercise, eat appropriate Meal, Think positive with good vibes.
Host: How do you feel about the Superficiality you represent?
Well i feel great about who I am. I try as much as possible to be positive, real and plain in anything I do.
Host:  Do you think you are handsome?
Smile! Sure, I am; don’t even think about it. Kudos to God, my Mom and Dad #Smile! 
Host: Would you ever date someone who is less pretty?
No! But if she has every good quality of a woman. I would date her, because being a woman is beyond the pageant look.
What is your definition of a perfect woman.
Must be understanding. Must have good sense of humour, resourceful and God fearing.
Host: Speaking of food, what is your favourite?
Beans and plantain or Jollof.
Host: How do you control your crave for fatty foods?
I practice food moderation during my modeling training class so that’s what helps me to limit consumption of fatty foods. But i don’t really like fatty foods.
Host: When you are not modeling, what do you do?
Well I am also a fashionista. I am Based on T-shirts, polos, joggers, crop top and varsity to mention but few and also I teach as a part time teacher (cultural and creative Art/French ).
Host: Do you have off day as a model and how do you spend it?
Well our off days like I said earlier January to May is always our off for Fashion models.
Host:  Can you do anything besides modeling? What are your skills?
Fashion, Athlete, Motivational speaker, Dance, Music Etc..  
Host:  If you are opportuned to change one thing about yourself and your life, what would you change?
Host:  Who is your favourite designer and why?
I have many favourite designers, which is based on there concept of putting pieces together.
 Top 3. Home and Abroad. 
i. Tokyo James
ii. Mai Atafo 
iii. Duro Olowu.
i.Calvin Klein.
ii. Ralph Lauren. 
iii. Coco Channel.
Host:  Which designers are on your list of “Must Work With”?
All that I listed above ????????, some I have worked with but still loved to work with them.
Host: Who is your favourite photographer?
DayoTwanni, Andrew Esiebo and I have a personal photographer Matthew Abraham @Flamestouch 
Host: Tell us about a project or achievement that you can consider to be the most significant in your career. 
West African Fashion Awards. They gave me a start up publicity when I won  “The Face Of West Africa Award 2016”.
Host: Do you have any personal ambitions yet unattaind?
Yes I do. Being great in life is my ambition but I must say that am yet to attain that greatness view I use to see in my dream. But thanks to God am getting there gradually.
Host: Are there any new projects you’re working on that you can talk about?
Looking beyond physical to be able to recognise opportunity around me. 
Am in partnership with  Trending Courts and Marts, that will be unveil in a couple of months and also am working on my Brand #Dgeniuzsw and #SummerBodyWears which I’ll be involving some of my colleagues in the industry. 
Host:  What is your advise for people who want to be like you? 
i). Like i use to say. Don’t be like anyone, you can have a mentor or be motivated by one personality that shouldn’t make you to be like that person. Everybody has been designed in a unique way, if we patiently observe ourselves, we will be able to bring out the best in ourselves. Like I love Bolu Olaitan for the fact that we look alike and he’s one of the Top model in Nigeria but now a New York base. I only derived inspiration from him. That being said, I will be myself and also pick vital things from him and others. 
My advice is that First believe in any dream you have. Like the bible says in Proverbs 3:6 Acknowledge him (God) in all your ways and he will direct your part… 
ii).  Get Information 
iii). Get knowledge 
iv). Get Wisdom 
v). Be humble : to be able to achieve your goals.
vi). Consistency 
 *_NOTE_*: A Dream come to life if only you walk through the channel of the dream Quote by #SholaWest …

Wow! It has been an amazing time of historic and educating conversation with SholaWest. Thank you for honouring our invitation.
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