Brianna Kalango Back In Lagos, Professed Her Hidden Love For Wizkid.


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Guess who is in town guys? 

Brianna Kalango is currently in Lagos! 

Bri as I fondly called her is now back in Lagos to stay and she is ready to display some fabulous moves on runway with jaw dropping creative commercial photo shoots.

After shutting down Port Harcourt, moving to Lagos seems to be the right decision as most of her clients are in Lagos.

“We all know Lagos is the central for entertainment in Nigeria but not withstanding, jobs coming from lagos to the #Briannaconcept brand has been high and the pressure of traveling seems not to be the best idea for me because of the expenses and sometimes most companies don’t like the fact that we are physically far from their reach”
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It has been an amazing year for Brianna Kalango and Brianna Concept as a brand as they bagged in lots of awards and Bri’s online portfolio titled ‘Page’ has received commendations from far and wide. ‘Page’ is a unique commercial model video portfolio. A creative work of art that tells a story of an African lady, her unfading beauty, her struggles, her goals and her achievements. All put together in one video with a melodious sound track and voice over to get your total attention as you watch the video. 

See video below

When asked how the concept came about she said

“laughing… every year has its own unique concept, brought together by i and the team. (Teambriannaconcept) The concept of PAGE as my online portfolio 2018 is something that I can’t really explain what lead to it creation but it is something we created because we wanted to do something different and unique that will not just be a  portfolio but relative to people experiences with an inspiring message. We believe ‘Page’ serves that purpose and I see it as #expansion to the brand. #briannaconcept”

This is my best part of our conversation. I discovered Brianna Kalango of Brianna Concept has a hidden crush on Wizkid while taking a stroll on her Instagram page. 

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She posted a picture Wizkid took in London and captioned 

“Bad guy, my main guy ❤️???????? my source I just can’t cheat even knowing his a cheater, my addiction, my best, Nigeria ????????best, Baba oh…your girl is loyal✌️@wizkidayo @wizkid_official @wizkidnews @wizkid_vibe”

Then it becomes more convincing after posting this ????

” My love for @wizkidayo is not normal ❤️❤️❤️ @wizkidnews @wizkid_vibe @wizkid_official.”

???? Whoa! Looks like someone has the hots for the Afropop star.
So i asked her about it and this is what she said 
“laughing out loud… The legend Wizkid is someone I respect so much in the music industry, when I see Wizkid i see Hustle, I see the future of street hustle. We all know the story of Wizkid turned down show in Abuja some years back but today he short down London. That’s what I called street hustle. This made me just love everything about him and sure I support great people.”
Although, she successfully boycott my question but she still used the word “love” in her response and so I asked a teaser question 
RainSegzy: If Wizkid proposes to you to be his next baby mama, what would be your response and why?
She thought about it for some minutes and this was her response

“hmmm .. I don’t think being a baby Mama is my thing, have not come this far to be called a single mother. I so much love Wizkid but not too be called a baby mama but would love to be called a Wife. Laughing loud”

???????????????????? Looks like somebody just professed her true love for Wizkid. Lol!

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