Fameye – Pressure Lyrics

Fameye – Pressure

Fameye … pressure
Oooh aah yeee
Nanana ne
Peter Peter Peter
Eh eh eh
Eh abrantie
Krom ay3 hyi nsu atc nso 3fam ay3 den
Nanso me de3 mpae a mebc a ne s3 nyame mmame nya me de3
Na ghettofour nso abr3
Ahaban yi ny3 me p3 nso me p3
Ade yi ny3 me nkoa na me p3
Sofo yi bue ne spess mu hw3
I know champion no easy
Me guso me hustle na bibia ne fie
Ye ye ye street y3 aware
Peter wc vim s3 bibia b3y3 gy3
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

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Pressure dey town but nyame ay3 awie (handkerchief)
Me gyidi so paa s3 nana nyame ay3 awie (amen ooo) 2x
I no go lie pressure da me so
Me nom cup mma kuraa me mmo
Ma dwin dwin a me nti asi3
Bar man how many ibi plenty
Firis3 nansa yi mma yia me nnya bi
Ah obi didi a wc ngyabi
Never give up at the journey
De3 b3 si bia man na ready
Nti no mede me ti b3 pimpim aa
Me nya gcb3 bi na s3 me mia aa
I go go far away
Okyina asem y3 another day
Me dware pue a me ne bebia kc
Dabia ma ni abri me nni agurc eh eh
Me se hmmmm
De3 b3 si bia me se hmmmm

Pressure dey town but nyame ay3 awie
Me gyidi so paa nana nyame ay3 awie (handkerchief) 2x
As3 mafa nyame abc mebo so
Cno nkoa na ma ni dane so
Gcbe s3 m3 di bi oo s3 m3 nya bi oo woara o woara
3mmo ne anwa yi kuraa ne boc den
Nothing good about the morning
Eeh hwi nkc hwi mba
Nana onyame ay3 awie

Pressure dey town but nyame ay3 awie (amen o amen o)
Me gyidi so paa nana nyame ay3 awie 2x

Uuuuu uuuuu uuuuuu
Nana onyame ay3 awie


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