OAP Dotun’s ex-wife, Taiwo may face jail term, convicted of contempt.


Oyebanjo Taiwo, estranged wife of Lagos’ popular On-Air Personality (OAP), Dotun Kayode and sister to Nigerian international pop music star Dapo Oyebanjo, known as D’Baj, has been found guilty of contempt by the court over her divorce case with the OAP initiated by her in Abuja.

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The High Court in Dukpa, Abuja, on Monday declared Taiwo Oyebanjo of violating the court’s order regarding the shared custody of the couple’s children.

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In the case of the No. GWD/PET/25/21 the court ruled the couple should have divided custody of their children after Dotun prayed the court in April 2022. It was gathered that both parties complied to the court’s order but appear to have been flouted by Taiwo.

According to reports, contrary to the court’s order, Taiwo allegedly denied Dotun access to their children since December 2022 without a valid reason.

In response to Taiwo’s action, Dotun sought legal redress resulting in a heated exchange of words on social media between the couple. In a post tweeted by Dotun, he accused D’banj of aiding Taiwo to prevent him from having access to their children.

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However, in the judgment on the contempt proceedings against Taiwo, the court found her guilty of disobeying the court’s order, stating that her refusal to allow Dotun access and custody of their children in December 2022 was a clear act of disobedience to the court’s order.

As a consequence, the court ordered her to pay a fine of N200,000 within 30 days or face the possibility of serving jail time until the fine is paid.

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After the judgment, there was a minor legal dispute as Taiwo’s lawyers attempted to withdraw their representation on her behalf. The matter has been adjourned for trial, scheduled for December 11th.

Additionally, there are reports suggesting that Taiwo, who was not present in court, may have taken the children out of Nigeria since June 2023.

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