A Nigerian man mark 70th birthday with names of women he allegedly had sex with. List inside Lol!


A Nigerian man known as Francis Van Lare, who is reportedly based in Atlanta, Georgia, during the week released on social media a long list of women he has had sexual intercourse with to celebrate his 70th birthday.

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Mr Lare made the announcement via his Facebook he said; “i am compiling the names of all the women i have poised since 1970. The first one is Felicia and i published her story on my wall. She even got my mum fired because she will not give her kpekus to the Doctor who owned the hospital they both worked at and the Doctor was mad that it was small me that she chose to poi.

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Have your data ready Dec. 7 and you see their names and photos. If I have poised you and you do not see your name on the list, please inbox me to edit it and add your name. If your poi was memorable then i will add it”

Many social media users thought he was joking when he announced his intentions until he released the first batch of the names of these women he had allegedly slept with, a few hours after he dropped another list, but this time around the list also contained surnames of these women.

See image of the names of the women he claimed he had sex with as listed below.

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He went further to release pictures he took with some of these women after apologizing to his fans on Facebook for his inability to upload pictures of the women with their names side by side.

Facebook user Juliet Sọpụrụchi, in what appears to be a birthday wish open message, admitted to knowing Francis Van Lare, a man loudly vocal about sex on social media but was only interested in business when they met in person. She wrote: “I met this man for the first time in 2019 and it has been so ooo good knowing him. I don’t know if it’s okay to say he is a different person from his social media life. He talks about poi almost all the time online but once you meet with him, all he wants to talk about is business and things to invest on that will yield maximum profit. This man still works like he is in his 30s. Happiest birthday Mr Francis Van-Lare , you are a very kind person and I pray that you have good health in wealth and happiness. You will never know sorrow or sadness. Life will remain kind to you. Cheers to the Big 70! 70 never looked this good. You killed it man! You are living the life.”

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Juliet went further to support her claim with a collage image showing her and Mr Lare in a luxury restaurant.

However, the public reaction to her message was that her message was a damage control to clear her name.

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