ENDSARS: Review of NASS and Governor’s extravagant benefits as a public servant.


I will be highlighting some of the benefits our governors and their deputy gets after they leave office.

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*The former governor gets six New cars every three years and his deputy gets 3-5 cars every three years
 He is also entitled to a house in Lagos and in Abuja, any place of his choice while the deputy gets a house in Lagos only
*Free medical care for the governor, his deputy and their families FOR LIFE.
*They are also entitle to cooks, stewards, Gardner’s and domestic staffs all pensionable 
*300% of annual basic salaries for furniture
100% of annual basic salaries as house maintenance 
25% of salaries for personal assistant
30% of annual basic salaries as car maintenace
10% of annual basic salary for entertainment
All of this inspite of what they have taken while in office..
* 2 DSS official(one female for madam)
And 8 police men
Deputy get one DSS Operative and 2 police men.
The entitlement this ex leaders enjoy are far more than what political holders in more developed and rich countries enjoy..
 This is one major reason why Nigeria will remain a developing country.
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