Deposit Mutilated Naira notes to get new Naira notes~CBN. How to handle Banknotes with care.


Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN)  introduced Clean Note Policy and Banknotes Fitness Guidelines to improve Nigeria currency quality standard.

Following CBN’s agenda to improve Nigerian currency overall quality standard, the Apex Bank of Nigerian have introduced the Clean Note Policy and Banknotes Fitness Guidelines.

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This simply means all the mutilated Naira notes will be call-in by CBN to eradicate bad Naira notes in circulation in Nigeria and as well as circulation the new notes.

How can you help to make this happen?

CBN needs you to deposit all bad Naira notes you have in your custody to the nearest bank to you on or before Monday, September 2, 2019 

According to the mail i received from my Bank, overused notes include any Naira note that is now weak to such extent that it could easily tear at further handling or processing without excluding partially or permanently damaged note but still have half of its original size together.

Calling in bad Naira note is a good move to erase bad Naira notes in circulation, but how many Nigerians know how to hand currency with care?

Which is why we have put this together. See how too handle currency with care below.


The perfect way to keep your money clean and neat is by using Wallet or Purse.

First the DON’TS

1. Avoid squeezing your Banknotes in your chest or tie pocket.
2. Avoid squeezing your Banknotes in your hands
3. Avoid using Banknotes for an experiment 
4. Keep Banknotes away from heat or fire.
5. Never keep Banknotes in your innerwear like market women do. (By so doing, you could contaminate the Banknote and as well contaminate yourself with an infectious disease or bacterial)
6. At home, store your  Banknotes in a cool dry place.


The best way to keep your Banknotes is by using Wallet or Purse.

1. Gently lay your Banknote in your Wallet or Purse.
2. Gently take it out of your Wallet or Purse.
3. Make sure your Banknote is properly laid and well flattened in the Wallet or Purse to avoid any form of the fold on the edges.
4. Use a spacious but pocket-friendly Wallet to keep your Banknote safe and prevent your Banknotes your damage.

I do hope this little information helps you to do better with your Banknotes.

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