Btw Nigerian artists with streaming farm or organic streaming results, who are the real music stars?

Ruger, Blaqbonez & BNXN

Multiple gbas and gbos were the order of the day as BNXN (formerly Buju) and Ruger re-ignite their social media feud over who has the most solos or should i say authentic successful solo songs.

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On Wednesday, Ruger awakened the sleeping dog by posting on Elon Musk Bird App he said

“First of all, I want to thank God and everyone that actively listen to my songs. Next year will be a year of blessings for you all IJN. The real question I wan ask Dey my next tweet”

The next tweet : “I am something. For years now, I have forced my songs down people’s throat whether e sweet abi e no sweet either by too much ads or by paying every influencer to make noise about a song they don’t even like. Or by speeding my song on TIKTOK. WHAT AM I ? says Ruger.

Just like a dry forest awaiting a fire spark BNXN brought an AK47 to a thanksgiving fight with the reply “Never faked it a day in my life!! On my mother!! Nothing forced! You like it or you don’t !! That’s how music should be!!”.

What difference does it make either your solo song is successful with or without featuring? Well, it appears it means a lot to Ruger as he made a challenging request to BNXN in is next tweet which says “Buju baby all I need from you now is simple. I need you to list just five songs of yours that’ll make your crowd go crazy at your shows and I’ll list mine. No features, just your songs buju baby I’m waiting”.

Will BNXN grant this request? He did so with a link to his Apple Music sophomore project ‘Bad Since 97’ a project that features solo performance songs like ‘Bad Since 97’, ‘Bad Man Wicked’, ‘In My Mind’, and Loose Emotions’ but the question is, will Ruger accept that any or all of these songs are bigger than any of his singles?

Just when we thought the social media frenzy was just between the Headies Next Rated Award 2022 Winner and a nominee, then Blaqbonez aka Mr Preacher amplified the flame with a mixture of motor spirit and cool burning diesel with this statement “it’s actually so painful say u go hustle, push your shit, some niggas go just use money buy the charts. same men go come out give God credit. Lmao continue” Wow! what a bazooka!!!

This took the conversation to a different level with a stray bullet hitting Don Jazzy, although protected by Ruger with a counter reply “All these is because RUGER is number 1 even when they said my song will not smell top 5. They are having sleepless nights. God pass them. I AM RUGER and I’ll keep disappointing them,” “Hey!!! no dey divert bullet for who bullet no dey for! I no dey address the OGs. So i won’t accept anyone mentioning don baba’s name. Y’all know me naw, I don’t duck. Enjoy ur Bentley, make me enjoy my SOLO NO 1 even if it’s for 10 seconds.” but could not protect his label boss D’Prince who was baptized with a new name “D’Princess”. Who coined that name? Nigerians on Twitter this is on you.

This stray bullet also hit Burna Boy for his ‘Last Last’ single, which in hours after its release moved from the bottom of Apple Music’s Nigeria Top 100 Chart at number 11 beating Davido’s first single of the year “Stand Strong” to sit comfortably at the number 1 spot, a transformation that sparked reaction among Nigerian music lovers on Twitter who were skeptical about the swift elevation but left with no choice than to “bow for the result o”.

Another question, is it a bad thing to hire “streaming farm” services to boost your music performance on streaming platforms to achieve the number 1 song in the country? I mean, not everybody can be like Asake the hit maker who took over the entire chart from number 1 spot to 10 without stress. I am not even capping. Man owned the street credibility 9ice foretold in his single ‘Street Credibility’ ft Tubaba aka 2face.

On a serious note, if some Nigerian music artists are using streaming farms aka social media influencers to give their songs a massive boost to yield a better performance on streaming platforms while some are relying on their fan base either big or small in other words organic to achieve the fit they have today, then who are the real music superstars?


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